PM Automotive

On the way to a

system supplier

  There is a major trend that we are going to occupy the role of a partner taking on overall responsibility for the supply of ready to fit systems. In the future, we want to both gain an increased manufacturing depth concerning subassemblies/modules and to systematically complete our range of services from development to delivery.

Continuous improvement of product and process quality

  Based on the consistent application of preventive quality methods, we strive toward the zero defect target throughout the overall product lifecycle. Production ramp-up at the level of stable and reliable series manufacturing processes serves as an aimed-at benchmark. In order to achieve this target, we must fully master the involved manufacturing processes that become more and more complex. Towards that aim, we are constantly working.

Lean and flexible

  A solid medium-sized corporate structure forms the basis for our competitive edge with regards to agility and innovation. Actions and attitudes of each of our staff are characterized through quality and environmental consciousness and contributing personal responsibility which optimally implements the described corporate objectives.

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